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Scriam la BAGATORII DE SEAMA, ATOTCUNOSCATORII SI PROFITORII CARE AU TAMPIT SI DISTRUS ROMANIA :UPDATE 2 : este ultimul articol scris integral de mine pe acest blog sau pe internet; consider ca am scris tot ce am crezut ca poate fi folosit de altii, am revarsat aici niste idei rezultate din cunoasterea si experienta acumulate pana acum. Am pacatuit cu inca 2 articole scrise de mine.

Au fost ultimele. Precum bine am zis, nu sunt nici scriitor, nici blogger, nici internaut. Ce aveam de scris [articole personale cap-coada] am scris si altceva nu mai am ce sa adaug. Macar sa ajut /sa profite cineva de pe urma a acestor texte , oricum fiecare stie ce vrea si asa mai departe.

Doamne ajuta si sa continuam lupta pentru o viata mai buna !

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Gunoaiele umane din Romania ! De aia nu merita sa faci nimic pentru nimeni in tara asta


Prognosis 2012: Towards a New World Social Order


EU Federal Economic Government Proposal Mirrors Nazi Plan For Fourth Reich


Why pharmaceuticals might be called Weapons of Mass Prescription


Din ciclul “cum s-au imbogatit mogulii romani” – Rompetrol si datoriile de 570 mil. euro catre statul roman; vaicareala din jurul dilemei CUM RECUPERAM BANII ?


A gas tax to cure global warming? Compromise looks to revive stalled plan


A group of senators are trying to resuscitate global warming legislation, but the potential inclusion of a new gas tax threatens to keep action on one of President Obama’s signature initiatives stalled.



Drivers face fine for leaving engines running while parked… because it harms environment


Drivers who leave their car engines running while their car is parked face being fined as part of a new town hall initiative.



New psychiatric disorders flag normal human behaviors as “diseases”


The Disease Mongering Engine, which I invented a couple of years ago and posted on NaturalNews, was initially created as a joke to demonstrate the ridiculousness of the fictitious diseases that are constantly created by the psychiatric industry.



Critics take dim view of Logan body scanners


Full-body scanners that perform what critics call a “virtual strip search” of airplane passengers are being unveiled at Logan International Airport next week, federal authorities said.



Fury as EU approves GM potato


The introduction of a genetically modified potato in Europe risks the development of human diseases that fail to respond to antibiotics, it was claimed last night.



New Study Says Global Warming May Be Signal of Impending Ice Age


Back in the 1970s before people were screaming about global warming, scientists were warning us that the next ice age may be just around the corner.



Is Traditional Mainstream Media Dead?


A new report says that the number two source for news is not in black and white but ones and zeros. The internet has surpassed newspapers as the second most popular news source for Americans.



Police to be equipped with mobile fingerprint scanners


Body scanners are headed to 11 major airports


USA Today | Eleven major airports will begin using body scanners to screen passengers as the Transportation Security Administration launches a plan to buy 1,000 of the machines over the next two years.



NYPD Police Officer Admits to Arrest Quotas


An NYPD officer breaks his silence and admits that innocent people are set-up and falsely arrested and ticketed in order to meet funding quotas.




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