3 Security guards stand by as 15 year old girl beaten

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The Metro Transit Police continue to investigate the beating of a 15-year-old girl late last month in the transit tunnel at Westlake Center.

Three security guards saw the Jan. 28 assault, part of which was filmed by surveillance cameras. But the guards aren’t armed and are trained not to get involved in physical confrontations, according to the King County Sheriff’s Office, which operates Metro Transit Police.

Still, the incident has prompted King County Executive Dow Constantine to order a review of Metro security.

“Public safety is our top priority. I am appalled by the sight of uniformed guards standing by while a person was kicked and beaten,” Constantine said. “I have ordered a full review of all operating polices that govern Metro’s contract with civilian security guards to determine what changes must be made. People have an expectation of safety when riding public transit, and we must take every measure we can to assure that.”

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