Arhiva pentru December, 2009


Raport de activitate al senatorului Urban Iulian in perioada 14 – 20 decembrie 2009


Man Quits Job Over Water Fluoride


Russians confirm that UK climate scientists manipulated data to exaggerate global warming


Death Of The Internet: Censorship Bills In UK, Australia, U.S. Aim To Block “Undesirable” Websites


Hillary Clinton Pledges $100B for Developing Countries for Climate Change


Officials and Experts Warn of Crash-Induced Unrest


Germany to Introduce New RFID Card


Copenhagen Accord Establishes Global Government Framework


Spy Drones To Enforce CO2 Regulations


There’ll be nowhere to run from the new world government

  There is scope for debate – and innumerable newspaper quizzes – about who was the most influential public figure of the year, or which the most significant event. But there can be little doubt which word won the prize for most important adjective. 10 Comments  

Sen. Coburn: Americans Ought to Pray That Some Senator Can’t Make Health Care Vote

  “That’s what they ought to pray.” 1 Comment  

Copenhagen climate summit: plan for EU to police countries’ emissions

  Gordon Brown is drawing up plans for the European Union to become a global warming “policeman”, monitoring individual countries’ compliance with carbon-cutting targets. 3 Comments  

Climategate: ‘It’s all lies!’ lies Pachauri (again)

  Surely not even an organisation as a corrupt and dishonest as the IPCC can afford to keep Dr Rajendra Pachauri on as its chairman after the weekend’s damning revelations by Christopher Booker and Richard North? 2 Comments  

Oz anti-censorship site is censored

  The Australian company that runs the domain registry has been accused of abandoning its own procedures to censor a website satirising communications minister Stephen Conroy’s ISP filtering regime. 1 Comment ------------

CNN Labels Humans “Pigs” For Emitting CO2

  “Individual Pigs”. 6 Comments  

Is America Still a Nation of Laws?

  Congress and the White House may have been co-opted by the big lobbyists and Wall Street insiders, but you may assume that at least the third branch of government – the courts – are still following the rule of law and protecting the little guy. 1 Comment  

Senate passes $636 billion defense spending bill

  The Senate passed a $636 million defense spending bill Saturday by an 88-10 vote. 7 Comments ----------

Record snowfalls in Valdez Alaska sinks boat and Washington DC gets a new snowfall record

  All the experts say the effects of climate change will be felt most in Alaska, home of the ex-governor who contends climate change is no big deal. No comments yet; your thoughts are welcome.  

More CO2 in the atmosphere leads to accelerated growth of certain tree species

  Scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Minnesota at Morris have found that increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide have led to the rapid growth of certain tree species. No comments yet; your thoughts are welcome.  

NASA reveals first-ever photo of liquid on another world

  NASA scientists revealed Friday a first-of-its-kind image from space showing reflecting sunlight from a lake on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. 17 Comments ----------

San Jose police test head-mounted cameras for officers


Israel’s IDF Cooperates with FEMA, National Guard, NORTHCOM


Gordon Brown calls for new group to police global environment issues


Obama Ordered U.S. Military Strike on Yemen Terrorists


Carbon Trading Scam In Big Trouble After Copenhagen Failure


Questions over business deals of UN climate change guru Dr Rajendra Pachauri


Turning children into Orwellian eco-spies


Copenhagen climate summit: plan for EU to police countries’ emissions


Palestinian officials accuse Israel of organ harvesting

  Palestinian officials on Sunday accused Israel of harvesting organs from Palestinians killed by the Israeli army years ago. 14 Comments -----------

Over 50% of the USA is now covered in snow

  The Mid-Atlantic states were completely white on Sunday, December 20, 2009, in the wake of a record-breaking snow storm. No comments yet; your thoughts are welcome.  

A Christmas Story: Some Facts about Greenland

  The wonderful Christmas season is upon us, and no Christmas story would be complete without snow. If you really like snow, Greenland is the place for you! The snow there lasts all year long and is 1,000s of feet deep in the interior – a white Christmas is guaranteed every year in this winter paradise. No comments yet; your thoughts are welcome.  

Climategate: What’s the “trick” and what did it “hide”?

  In a new famous email, Phil Jones, then head of the Climactic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, wrote on Nov. 16 to climate research colleagues in the United States and at his own CRU. 4 Comments --------

What Is The U.S. Constitution?


Researcher Wants Sulfur Pumped Into Stratosphere To Combat Warming


Obama Extends Diplomatic Immunity to Interpol by Executive Order

------ The Fed is a Fascist Cartel ------ Under ObamaCare, Prepare To Wait 18 Months To See A Doctor ----- Obamacare To Cost Middle Class Families $15,000 A Year -------- Obamacare’s gift to all: More regulation, more debt, more taxes --------- Cost to Fight Each Al Qaeda Member in Afghanistan Per Year: $300 Million --------- Health Care Bill Is A Huge Tax Heist -------- Sub-zero temperature kills over 80 in Europe --------

The Real Reason Newspapers Are Losing Money, And Why Bailing Out Failing Newspapers Would Create Moral Hazard in the Media

  Conventional wisdom is that the Internet is responsible for destroying the profits of traditional print media like newspapers. 3 Comments  

Health Care is NOT a Right

  In the Bill of Rights of the Soviet Union, they were honest about health care – it states that “citizens of the USSR have the right to health protection.” 6 Comments  

Why War Will Take No Holiday in 2010

  Excuse the gloom in the holiday season, but I feel like we’re all locked inside a malign version of the movie Groundhog Day. You remember, the one in which the characters are forced to relive the same 24 hours endlessly. 2 Comments  

Climategate: the corruption of Wikipedia

  If you want to know the truth about Climategate, definitely don’t use Wikipedia. “Climatic Research Unit e-mail controversy”, is its preferred, mealy-mouthed euphemism to describe the greatest scientific scandal of the modern age. 9 Comments -------------

We’ll force a vote on whether to stay in Afghanistan – Congressman Kucinich

  US Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who is circulating a resolution to end the war in Afghanistan, says he is simply trying to reclaim the forgotten constitutional responsibility of Congress to start and end war. 5 Comments  

Iran comes out on top in secret simulated war games

  Iran has emerged as the victor in secret war games that simulated an Israeli attack on one of its nuclear facilities. 7 Comments  

Israel threatens another large-scale Gaza war

  Israel has threatened another massive war agai


Ce ne pregatesc bancherii pentru 2010 ? Falimente rasunatoare, sute de mii de someri si cresterea ratei creditelor neperformante; Dilema managerului in 2010 : ce sa platesc intai din banii ramasi ? impozitele, angajatii sau furnizorii ? Cum este sa decizi cine traieste si cine moare in 2010 ?

Scurta istorie a Franc-Masoneriei romanesti (I): nasterea Franc-Masoneriei in Tarile Romane

Franc-Masonii sunt artizanii Romaniei Mari ? Dezbatere lansata de la care astept comentariile voastre

Raport de activitate al senatorului Urban Iulian in perioada 07-13 decembrie 2009

Electronicele ?i electrocasnicele sunt folosite  de mai mul?i ani ca garan?ii bancare

De ce sunt retailerii romani de electrocasnice la mana bancilor ? din cauza propriilor greseli; s-au extins punand gaj la banci marfuri care nu erau inca platite

AIM : Cip-ul implant a devenit realitate – cum a servit gripa porcina drept pretext la noua forma de sclavia mondiala

Dubai , tara unde neplata datoriilor se pedepseste cu inchisoarea, a fost a opta minune a lumii sau o mega-escrocherie imobiliara ?

IULIAN URBAN — Apel catre romani ! Sustineti-ma, intrucat saptamana viitoare in Senat se intentioneaza respingerea legii prin care am cerut ca firmele ce declara ca nu beneficiaza de serviciile SRR si TVR sa fie SCUTITE de plata taxei Radio TV

Povestea lui Pazvante Chioru’

Adevarata poveste a lui Pazvante Chioru’

Interesele Moscovei si ARMAGHEDONUL MOGULILOR – scurta istorie a jafului national

Ion Ursic? (stânga), Valentina Ursic? (centru) ?i Ecaterina Stanciu, la ie?irea din Judec?toria Buftea

Rudele mortilor din accidentul de la Tancabesti, au refuzat sa se lase cumparate de autorul accidentului, cu 50000 euro

Dezbatere : cum ar fi aratat istoria Romaniei, fara tradari si tradatori ?

NU LE PASA SI ATAT !! TREZIREA ROMANASI !! >> Victimele cazurilor de malpraxis, desconsiderate in Senatul Romaniei

CRUNTUL ADEVAR DESPRE CARE NU SE VORBESTE PE LARG IN MASS-MEDIA >> Intr-o Romanie MURIBUNDA economic, BNR a ajutat bancile straine sa faca profituri si in 2009; Dar pe romanul de rand , victima a abuzurilor bancare, cand o sa il ajute ?

În cl?direa Spitalului de Urgen?? Dr. Agrippa Ionescu a fost, înainte de ’89, un sanatoriu TBC

Cel mai tare spital din ?ar?, ascuns în p?durea din Balotesti

Aten?ie, au aparut escroci care vand un vaccin antigripei porcine, fals!

Big Oil Behind Copenhagen Climate Scam

Raport de activitate al senatorului Urban Iulian in perioada 30 nov. – 6 dec. 2009

TRAIAN BASESCU A FOST REALES PRESEDINTELE ROMANILOR ! >> Care a fost reteta succesului lui Basescu, cand nimeni nu-i dadea vreo sansa ?

Nemernicie romaneasca : la nici doua zile de la inaugurare, s-a furat gardul de protec?ie de la Autostrada Transilvania

informatii pe care nu le vedeti in mass-media mainstream de la noi >>> DISCUTIE INCENDIARA ! Piata imobiliara romaneasca, se va prabusi in 2010; Afla cine sunt cei care trag sforile din umbra, pentru a cumpara pe nimic activele majore ale Romaniei , in 2010; Cum au fost inrobiti romanii!

It’s Over, Al Gore.

De ce nu se pot executa de catre creditori activele din Dubai ? Combinatia letala dintre legea engleza si cea islamica, a creat haos in contractele cu Dubai World

Misterul Mona Lisei – ce ascunde portretul Giocondei?

Misterul MonaLisei

Imaginea articolului Prahova: Circula?ie rutier? dificil? pe mai multe drumuri din cauza z?pezii viscolite
Social ieri, 21:02
Circula?ia rutier? se desf??oar? cu dificultate sâmb?t? sear? pe mai multe drumuri din Prahova din cauza vântului care viscole?te z?pada, Poli?ia recomandând ?oferilor s? evite deplas?rile în special în zona de sud a jude?ului, la grani?a cu Ialomi?a, unde exist? pericolul form?rii de troiene. cite?te tot

Vaclav Klaus: Global Warming a Politician’s ‘Myth’