ATENTIE LA LIGA ANTI-DEFAIMARE — ADL Calls Alex Jones “Conspiracy King,” Insinuates He Should be Removed from Society

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Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Purging The Undesirables: ADL Attempts To Pin A Yellow Star On Grass Roots America 181109top

The ADL has launched a new purge against its political enemies in the form of a major report that equates skepticism and distrust of government with “a toxic atmosphere of rage, ” which is threatening to boil over in the form of violence, specifically targeting Alex Jones as “The Conspiracy King” and inferring that people upset with Barack Obama’s policies are potential mass murderers.

The tone of the ADL’s hit piece basically implies that Alex Jones and his ilk are such a threat to the establishment that they should be removed from society, which ironically is exactly how Hitler dealt with his political enemies in Nazi Germany. The ADL is allegorically pinning a yellow star on “conspiracy theorists,” Oath Keepers, Tea Party protesters, and anyone else who dares express dissent in response to the financial looting of the country or Barack Obama’s big government agenda.

And what does the ADL consider to be the criteria for those it claims are intent on carnage and bloodshed in the vein of cop killer Richard Poplawski? A belief that, “There is a conspiracy by malevolent globalists to take over the world and institute a “New World Order”.

So essentially by pointing out the fact that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon writes op-eds for the New York Times calling for “global governance,” and highlighting the hundreds of mainstream news reports about the move towards world government and a one world currency which are published every single day, makes one a dangerous extremist and a crackpot according to the ADL.

Another insane fringe belief according to the ADL is the notion that, “Conspiratorial figures such as “international bankers” and entities ranging from the Federal Reserve to the Council on Foreign Relations to the Bilderberg Group are engaged in a variety of strategies to take over (or extend their hold over) the government and to strip Americans of their rights.”

That’s right, believing that powerful secretive groups which meet in secret, groups composed of the most influential power brokers on the planet, might talk about ways to expand their power to the detriment of the American people is another “fringe” belief suggesting the individual harboring such thoughts is intent on mass murder.

The ADL attack goes beyond the failed establishment ploy to demonize political opponents of Obama as “racist,” and infers that they represent a bubbling undertone of extremism waiting to explode in the form of assassinations of authority figures.

The true significance of this gargantuan hit piece on Alex Jones and the patriot movement is the fact that the establishment has firmly moved away from ignorance and ridicule and is now directly targeting us for elimination – an effective purge of the undesirables – by implying we want to commit violence and should therefore be neutralized by the authorities.

The fact that we have constantly urged unity and discouraged division, while promoting a peaceful message of non-violence, has infuriated the increasingly incensed establishment because as their credibility has collapsed, ours has grown in leaps and bounds – and as a result their agenda is beginning to stall.

For the first time, the ADL and their cohorts are acknowledging that the grass roots has the power to stop their agenda for world government in its tracks. This represents a massive sea change and proves that we are having an important impact, but it also serves as a warning because it’s glaringly obvious that the establishment is now committed to taking us down, either by means of character assassination, set-up, or worse.

The globalists are intent on smearing us as racist, violent, crazies hell-bent on bloodshed – when in reality they are engaged in desperate character assassination because they are petrified at the sheer numbers of people we are waking up to their tyranny.

This isn’t the only motive the ADL has in attempting to make the case that there are hordes of angry Americans waiting to commit violence. As Jewish scholar Norman G. Finkelstein exposes in his global bestseller The Holocaust Industry, establishment Zionist organizations like the ADL have fleeced billions by manufacturing the perception that there are legions of extremist hate criminals everywhere that need to be tackled by the authorities. The ADL needs to create enemies and bogeymen where none exist in order to justify their own existence and to continue to attract funding.

Now that global anti-semitism is on the wane, the ADL has resolved to ceaselessly fearmonger about “conspiracy theorists” and American taxpayers who merely express anger about how they have been financially raped by the multi-trillion dollar bailout and the continued looting of the economy by private central banks and offshore cartels.


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