NY officer acquitted for body slam that broke woman’s jaw

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David Edwards and Ron Brynaert
The Raw Story
May 28, 2009

Another day, another [what would appear to the naked eye as vicious and brutal] videotaped police [overre-] action condoned or excused.

"A New York policeman who was caught on video apparently body slamming a woman to a tile floor has been acquitted of civil rights violations, " the Associated Press reports. "Jurors in federal court in White Plains found 39-year-old Yonkers Police Officer Wayne Simoes (SIM’-oze) not guilty Wednesday afternoon."

The AP adds, "The video, from a restaurant surveillance camera, seemed to show the officer lifting 44-year-old Irma Marquez by her waist and throwing her face-first to the floor. She was knocked unconscious and her jaw was broken."

The forewoman of the jury, Jhonna Van Dunk, told an upstate New York newspaper, "We watched the video and we watched the frame-by-frame and we could not determine that he intended to hurt her."

In June of 2008, Simoes’ lawyer told the press that the video doesn’t tell the full story.

"What the video doesn’t show is the operation of Wayne Simoes’ mind at the time of the incident," Andrew Quinn said. "That’s what’s going to be a critical issue in this case is whether or not his intent when he was subduing Ms. Marquez was to violate her Constitutional rights or cause any type of injury."


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