ABC NEWS desperate to ignore Homeland Security blimp, claims UFO over Salt Lake City

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By: George @ 6:19 PM - EST

ABC NEWS reports a  Homeland Security blimp over the skies of Salt Lake City, Utah. Except their anchorman actor who reads the script suggest it could be a “rocket, a blimp, a UFO?”

ABC’s talking head then claims that Salt Lake City air traffic control did not pick up the UFO Homeland Security surveillance blimp on radar and knew nothing about it. Nice Sergent Schultz act but are we to believe that local radar(s) did not pick up an aircraft clearly visible by the naked eye and the size of a city block?

This project has been mentioned in various blogs over the last couple of years while still in planning and developmental stages. In 2005 Brock Meeks of MSNBC wrote an article called, Eyes in the sky’ for homeland security. And the popular tech blog Engadget wrote a year ago about Lockheed Martins contract to build Homeland Security a high altitude airship that could stay in orbit for days equipped with high tech surveillance gear.


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