Unhidden Agendas: Off To Camp FEMA

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Go back to sleep Amerika, Your Government loves you, and it only wants to take away your rights so it can hug you closer...and FEMA are those loving arms, waiting to give all of us a big warm bear-hug, then cuddle... forever. or you can WAKE UP to the truth of hundreds of these military bases being decomed and turned into "civilian detainment camps" and "civilian work camps". please i beg all of you to go look up what Al Cuppett has to say about these "Red lists and Blue lists" then realize he is a member of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff in the US Department of Defense. and as he put it the best i believe : "Wake up, before the round up". they stopped calling it genocide, and started calling it "Population Control". so that they can use your tax dollars for UN sponsered murder, now that they've perfected this science abroad, it's time they want to bring it to the slums of the greatest empire on earth... your back yard Amerika
The music is Chet Atkins version of "Meditation". Bush Nazi NWO Illuminati New World Order concentration camps in US USA Gulag Unhidden Agendas

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