Google Inc. wants to contol and censor the entire web just like they do in Communist China

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By: George @ 3:36PM - EST

Join the side of free speech - Boycott YouTube Friday December 19th.

Google and it’s properties like YouTube want to be put ahead of the line when you search for content on the web.

Google Inc. has approached major phone and cable internet connection providers to carry a “fast track” for content owned by Google.

Phone and cable companies are very interested in the proposal from Google claiming they need to start charging fees to content providers for what they call “surging traffic.”

Yahoo and Microsoft have quietly withdrawn from a coalition to protect net neutrality and are looking to “forge partnerships” with phone and cable companies.

Currently this type of activity would be considered illegal under FCC guidelines but there is no doubt these giant global corporations will use their influence with lawmakers to change the laws in their favor.

This is a direct threat on freedom of speech the most valued of  rights.

What can be done?

  • Boycott YouTube this Friday December 19th. Don’t visit or use YouTube on Friday to let Google know you are aware of their anti-American activities.

  • Stop using Google ads. Daily Newscaster will stop using Google Ads today.

  • Turn your YouTube video to “private” to reduce video views on Friday the 19th.

  • Start using other search engines. (Beside Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.)

  • Warn you friends and family of this attack by corporations and government on the America way.


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