Gerald Celente – Three steps to revolution in America

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By: George @ 5:08 PM - EST

Gerald Celente, “When people lose everything and they have nothing to lose they lose it.”

Trends Research Institute’s Gerald Celente discusses the beginning of the second American revolution in the United States with film maker and radio talk show host Alex Jones.

During an interview noted future trends researcher reveals the three steps toward revolution to interviewer Alex Jones.

  • Collapse of 2009 - After a disappointing holiday retail sales period spring will bring the realization of a failing commercial real estate sector as retail chains close and empty store fronts pop up like mushrooms.

  • Greatest Depression - Called the “Greatest” because it will be worse than the first one. Families today have multiple mortgages and credit card debt, families in the 30’s didn’t know what a credit card was. America in the 1930’s was an ascending manufacturing society exporting products around the world, now it is a descending nation importing required goods for an aging population.

  • Trigger Event(s) - Society strained by civil liberty abuses and a prolonged shortage of necessities will begin various uncoordinated civil disobedience actions. A series of abuses by government agents against the population will ignite an overthrow of the current feudal system.

A successful revolution by the people will lead to a renaissance period in America.

Video: Gerald Celente on Alex Jones Live

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